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Hardship Letter Instructions

Your hardship letter that you complete as part of the application process helps us understand what type of assistance you need. The supporting documentation provided in your application package should validate the information in your hardship letter.


Please include the following information in your letter as it applies to your situation for each hardship:

Name of the person with the hardship
Type of hardship: unemployment, underemployment, military, medical, death
Date the hardship began 
Information specific to the hardship
Unemployment – if unemployment benefits are being/were received
Underemployment cause and if decrease in household income is temporary or permanent
Military - current copy of military orders and how that affected your financial situation.
Medical or death Do not provide details of the medical problem or the type of medical care received. A form to give your doctor(s) to validate the length of the medical hardship is printed with the application; this must be returned with your application package
How the hardship affected the mortgage
If you are current or behind on your mortgage
If you are behind, the month/year you became behind
If you are in foreclosure, the scheduled foreclosure sale date

As only qualifying hardships – unemployment, underemployment, military, medical and death – are relevant to HomeSafe Georgia applications, please do not include any additional personal hardship information.

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