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Report Fraud

Report Fraud 

Only HomeSafe Georgia can determine your eligibility for our programs. There is no application fee to apply..

If you have been contacted by any company or person requesting a fee for a HomeSafe Georgia application or loan, please use the form below to report this fraudulent activity, or mail the information to HomeSafe Georgia, 60 Executive Park South, NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

You can also report fraud to SIGTARP - click here

In your report below, please include the following:

  • The name of the person and the company they represent
  • Any phone number, fax number, or email address they provided
  • When and how they contacted you

If you have knowledge of a HomeSafe Georgia participant whom you suspect of providing false personal information while mortgage assistance is being or was being provided, please let us know by email to homesafe@dca.ga.gov or by completing the online form below.

Examples of possible fraud occurring during assistance:

  • The borrower is not/was not living in the property
  • The borrower is not/was not the owner of the property
  • A new or additional job was not reported by the borrower, including temporary or contract work, for the borrower or other adult household member
  • Income or liquid assets were not reported by the borrower (Income and assets from all adults in the household, including bank accounts, renting room(s) in home, inheritance, etc. Does not include retirement accounts, the sale of personal items, or the occasional yard sale or other event of nominal monetary gain.)
Due to privacy issues, HomeSafe Georgia will not be able to discuss a borrower’s situation with you.
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