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HomeSafe Georgia & New Job Help Atlanta Woman Save Home

HomeSafe Georgia, new job help metro Atlanta woman save home from foreclosure 

After losing her job in January 2013, Vickie Warren made a decision:  no matter what, keeping her home was a top priority.  Warren, who purchased her house in April 2003, filed for unemployment compensation after losing her job and quickly began applying those funds to her monthly mortgage payment.

The Decatur woman looked for a new job for several months but came up empty. Eventually, her unemployment benefits expired. Warren had no other choice but to dip into her savings to cover her bills, including her mortgage.  Like many people in this situation, she began to withdraw money from her 401(k) retirement savings account to keep making those payments.

Desperate to find a new job, Warren attended a job fair sponsored by Cong. David Scott in April 2014. At the job fair, she found out about HomeSafe Georgia.

“A young lady in line said she was on the HomeSafe Georgia program and it helped her keep her home while she looked for a job,” Warren recalls. “I went over and talked to the HomeSafe Georgia staff; they were friendly and told me the benefits of the program. I told the young lady I hate job fairs and I really didn’t want to come, but finding HomeSafe was the reason why I came to the job fair. For once in my life I am glad I said ‘yes’ to a job fair.”

Warren quickly visited the HomeSafe Georgia website – www.HomeSafeGeorgia.com– and filed her own application. Once approved for HomeSafe Georgia, Warren was able to use her small income to pay for other bills, such as her telephone and Internet service.  In addition, it gave her the ability to search for a new job that could provide long-term stability.

“It kept me from taking a job for the sake of having a job,” Warren said. “I came across some offers that were too good to be true, and it gave me the option to say ‘no’ and wait for the right job.  It kept me from being desperate and feeling stuck with nowhere else to go.”

Since June 2015, Warren has been working as a receptionist/administrative assistant at an engineering and construction company. As a result, she is back on her feet and now makes her own mortgage payments each month. Warren is pleased to be working full-time once again and is thankful that HomeSafe Georgia helped her save her home while she went through some tough times. 

“There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe all of the good things I want to say about HomeSafe Georgia,” says Warren. “It should be called Home Savior Georgia, because it was right on time when I needed it.”

“The employees are what make the program. They were prompt, efficient, helpful and always there if you need them.  I knew they were somewhere in their hearts thinking about me as I was thinking about them. They never looked down on me or made me feel bad because I was out of work."

“The program allowed me to keep my home and get my life back on track. For that I want to say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’.”
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